About Us

As aquarium die-hard enthusiasts ourselves, we live, eat and breath aquarium. aquarium is in our blood and it is in our soul to fulfill our mission of putting the Dymax range of tanks and accessories into the homes of each and every aquarium hobbyist in the world.

It is in human’s nature to create – look into our hundreds and thousands of years of history and marvel at all the inventions Man has created. Inventing and creating is written in our DNA – Man will always find a new way to make things better.

At Dymax, the creators are a couple from Singapore – John and Lilian, a husband and wife team who have been involved in the aquarium industry. John didn’t start Dymax just to make money, he has been an aquarium enthusiast for as long as he can remember, like all hobbyists, he tinkers with things and is always looking for new ways to beautify his aquarium tanks or re configuring his aquarium tanks over and again.

With his own ideas and how he believes he can always create a better aquarium tank (complete with other components to make it perfect), John started an aquarium supplies distribution company which imports various cutting edge and quality aquarium products overseas into the Singapore market.

As business grew, John was not contended with some of the limitations he faces – limitations in certain configurations imposed by the factories and how he couldn’t always get the factories to build what he wants. While a normal profit seeking business will shy away from venturing further – John isn’t simply a businessman concerned about profits. John is driven by passion to bring his ideas from imagination to reality – a way to showing the world what he can offer and contribute to the aquarium industry.

He did the unthinkable and made the jump from being a distributor to starting his own factory in China to bring his ideas to reality.

Dymax was created – products are designed in house and with a background in electrical engineering, John was involved in the design, electrical circuit design, quality control and assembly of Dymax’s own range of aquarium products. Every detail was scrutinized personally by John – he just had to build it his way and to offer the aquarium market quality products at affordable prices.

The Range Of Dymax Products Was Born – IQ Series of Tanks were a big hit.

This is the reason why Dymax believes in order to do something well – one needs to look past profits and losses. A business person focused on hard numbers will not take the risks required to achieve his dreams – measured in numbers.

A business person driven by passion does not feel he / she is working – every moment is enjoyable despite the hardship and no effort will be spared to achieve what he dreams of. The revolutionary Apple Iphone will not be invented if Steve Job were calculative and reluctant to invest in the R&D required – Dymax’s range of products would not be created if John and Lilian were satisfied by the status quo in the aquarium industry.

Greatness, creativity and passion cannot be measured in dollars and sense – a business built on passion is one that is built to last.

If you are like us – hardcore fans of aquarium and share the same ideals and values – we hope to work with you to bring our Dymax range of products to the whole world.

At Dymax – we are driven by passion and we create. Innovation doesn’t stop and we are always thinking of ways to make our creations better.